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I offer personalised one-one tuition and group tuition (please call: 96251819 or send me an email at

Subjects I am able to coach students are
1. Singapore-Cambridge H2 Maths, H2 Further Maths;
2. IB HL Maths;
3. Polytechnic Computing/Engineering Maths/Statistics modules;
4. Undergraduate Maths/Engineering Maths modules.

My teaching style supports learners in developing a sincere, persistent effort to excel in Mathematics.


Educators to recommend for coaching
1. Mr Yong Fook Meng (please call: 97402682)
Secondary Maths (A&E)

2. Ms Casey Goh (please call: 94876675)
H2 Maths

3. Mr Lim Wee Chee (please call: 96944984)
H1/H2 Physics

Peace and Happiness to All.

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